Water Pipeline Facilitates Clean Water Provision for Al-Raudlah Islamic Boarding School

A 1.5 kilometer pipeline was built to connect Al-Raudlah Islamic Boarding School to a nearby water spring. With this pipeline, the students will no longer need to collect rainwater or go downhill to fetch clean water during the dry season.

al-raudlah school
Most of the students come from underprivileged families. They study at the Islamic boarding school for free. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG – Al-Raudlah Islamic Boarding School was founded by ustaz A. Faozi in Sidadung Village in Serang Regency in 1950. He established the schools because he saw many of the locals unable to send their children to school due to financial constraints.

Al-Raudlah Islamic Boarding School continues to grow. With its own funding and contributions from the alumni, the school accommodates 42 male students and 53 female students living in the boarding school. In addition, there are 450 students who study at the elementary school, junior high school, and high school that it manages.

“We are still upholding our principle of providing education for the economically disadvantaged. 70% of the students are from underprivileged families and fulfill their own provisions," explained Sukma Jayalaksana from Global Wakaf – ACT Banten Program Department on Wednesday (7/28/2021).

The students usually take water from a nearby rainwater reservoir. Sadly, the reservoir becomes unreliable every dry season. “They have to take water from a nearby water spring in the village, namely Situ Rampones. It is quite reliable during the dry season, but it is located 1.5 kilometers away from the school, and the students have to walk downhill,” said Sukma.

To make it easy for the students and teachers at Al-Raudlah Islamic Boarding School to access water, Global Wakaf – ACT constructed a pipeline from Situ Rampones. “This pipeline is expected to facilitate them to get clean water. It’s difficult to drill a borehole water well there because the soil is too rocky,” Sukma said.

In addition to the pipeline, Global Wakaf-ACT also renovated the restrooms. Haweli, one of the students, was grateful for the development carried out by Global Wakaf-ACT.

"Now that water is easily accessible, it becomes much easier for us to take a shower, wash, or make wudu. Thanks to Global Wakaf – ACT and the benefactors for the well. May Allah bless you all,” he said. []