Water Shortage in Surabaya Due to Pipe Relocation

One of the affected facilities was Al-Falah Mosque. Until Tuesday (9/10), there had been no water for the worshipers to use for three days.

Water Shortage in Surabaya Due to Pipe Relocation' photo

ACTNews, SURABAYA – The Surabaya town square development project has caused the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) Surya Sembada to relocate the clean water supply pipes. This has a direct impact on the people of Surabaya in the Darmo, Panglima Sudirman, Yos Sudarso, Walikota Mustajab, Undaan, Pasar Atom, Pegirian Wonosari, Wono Kusumo and surrounding areas. According to the Public Relations of PDAM Surya Sembada, the pipe relocation should have been completed on Saturday (9/7). However, there was a delay, causing water scarcity that affects the residents of the aforementioned areas.

One of the affected public facilities was Al Falah Mosque, Surabaya. Until Tuesday (9/10), there had been no clean water in the mosque for three days. The mosque had no other choice but to use gallon water for the wudu facility and the restrooms. This was stated by M. Soleh as a caretaker of Al Falah Mosque.

"We have experienced clean water shortage for worship needs for three days. In fact, Al Falah Mosque in Surabaya is one of the most visited mosques in Surabaya and surrounding areas, so that clean water is very much needed. A water tank with a capacity of 6,000 liters is only enough to be used for Zuhr and Asr Prayers. There were some worshippers who performed the ablution with gallon water. In fact, some had to do tayammum (ritual purification with dust). For the distribution of clean water from ACT, I feel really grateful," said Soleh, Tuesday (9/10).

ACT East Java plans to distribute 10 clean water tanks to the areas in Surabaya affected by the relocation of PDAM pipes. In addition to Al Falah Mosque, the clean water will also be distributed to the regions of Dinoyo, Sawahan Baru, Kusuma Bangsa, and Darmokali.

Nunung, a local resident who frequently goes to Al-Falah Mosque, also explained about the water crisis in her neighborhood. She has to shower only with a little water. The locals living around Surabaya's Al Falah Mosque were seen immediately approaching the volunteers of Aksi Cepat Tanggap who were distributing water. They hope that clean water can also be distributed in more areas that are experiencing water crisis.

Dipo Hadi as the Head of ACT East Java Program team said that ACT East Java works swiftly in overcoming the problems arising from the clean water crisis. Apart from solving the clean water crisis in drought-hit areas, the team also strives to overcome the clean water crisis caused by construction projects.

"In just three days, the impact of the water crisis is massive. You can imagine what about our brothers who experienced a long in several regions in East Java. Such is the importance of water, which is the source of life," said Dipo. He also continued to invite the benefactors in East Java to intervene to help their brothers and sisters in who experience drought through bit.ly/DermawanJatimAtasiKekeringan. []