Water Source in Gumbasa Destroyed by Earthquake

The liquefaction that hit Sigi in September 2018 has led to lasting impacts to this day. One of the impacted villages was Maranata Village who lost their source of water after Gumbasa irrigation system was destroyed.

Water Source in Gumbasa Destroyed by Earthquake' photo

ACTNews, SIGI - The earthquake that caused soil liquefactions in several regions in Palu and Sigi, Central Sulawesi in September 2018, still has remaining impacts on the surrounding community, as is felt by residents in Maranata Village, Sigi Biromaru, Sigi Regency. Since September last year until now, they have had difficulty to get clean water for their daily needs.

Noho, a resident of Lompio Hamlet, Maranata Village, said that the residents in his village have been experiencing water crisis since the major earthquake occurred due to the soil liquefaction which breaks Gumbasa's irrigation system. At least 95 households in Lompio have had difficulty getting clean water. "Every day, we have to walk for one kilometer to get water from the nearest source," Noho explained on Wednesday (7/31).

At the water source, which is one kilometer away from the settlement, there is not much water coming out. In addition, residents also have to queue because there are so many people who take water from that source. This water comes from a well owned by a local resident.

According to Noho, the residents of Lompio Hamlet had relied on life from the Gumbasa irrigation. They use the water from the irrigation system for bathing, laundry, and consumption. In addition, the local farmlands also rely on the irrigation system which has now been destroyed by the soil liquefaction.

"Previously, the local residents rely heavily on Gumbasa irrigation. It so happened that this irrigation route passed through our village. So it's easy for us to take water for our daily needs, and we did not have to walk up to one kilometer," recalled Noho.

Based on Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team’s observation, tens of hectares of agricultural land in the region is also affected by the drought. The rice fields are now filled with weeds and are neglected.


On Wednesday, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Central Sulawesi sent 6 thousand liters of clean water. The water was distributed in the Salvation Army Church Complex. Dozens of residents immediately lined up to get clean water from the trucks. The clean water was also provided for the needs of the local church.

Nirmo, Pastor of the Lompio Church, admitted that the water was much needed by the people, the church and other places of worship nearby. In addition to many damaged buildings in Lompio, the water sources also suffer from severe damages. "I am very pleased with the distribution of water from ACT regardless of the beneficiaries. Hopefully, everyone can be helped by this water," he said.


Head of ACT of Central Sulawesi Nurmarjani Loulembah said that, in this month, ACT Central Sulawesi distributed clean water to the victims of natural disasters, especially residents living in temporary shelters and residents whose lives depend on the Gumbasa irrigation system. This clean water aid is expected to be truly beneficial, as residents who live in Lompio hamlet have had difficulties in getting clean water since the earthquake shook. "This water distribution is done in collaboration with  Muslim Volunteer Malaysia," she said. []