Water Source Polluted, Residents of Gasing Need Clean Water

Due to lack of clean water, ACT initiated water distribution to Jalur Gasing region of South Sumatera.

Water Source Polluted, Residents of Gasing Need Clean Water' photo

ACTNews, PALEMBANG - Living near the river does not make it easier for the residents of the Jalur Gasing to get clean water. The nearby river has been polluted and their well water looks brownish and smells of rust. They only use such dirty water for sanitary purposes. They have to buy clean water for IDR 4,000 for a gallon of water that they use for consumption.

"So far, we have been using gallon water for consumption. We have to efficiently use the water so that we won’t have to spend too much money," said Sofyan, one of the residents of Jalur Gasing, Banyuasin, to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Sumatera, Tuesday (7/30). The dry season that has occurred since the beginning of July has caused the water sources in the area to dry up.

That day, the South Sumatra ACT team once again distributed clean water to residents living in the Jalur Gasing area. ACT South Sumatera Branch Manager, Ardiansyah, said that the distribution of clean water was an effort to alleviate the drought that has hit several regions in South Sumatra. "Alhamdulillah, throughout July, we distributed 49,000 liters of clean water to the residents of several regions in South Sumatra," Ardiansyah explained. For Jalur Gasing, as many as 7,000 liters of clean water were distributed by Global Zakat - ACT, Wednesday.

The assistance was warmly welcomed by residents. "We’re very happy to get free clean water. Thank you for your generosity and kindness to the people here," Sofyan responded.

Global Zakat - ACT South Sumatra Team targets around 100,000 liters of clean water to help alleviate the clean water crisis in several regions in South Sumatra. The team continues to invite benefactors to make the best contribution to help those in need. []