Water Truck 2.0 Distributed Clean Water in Pontang Subdistrict of Banten

Drought still happens in several Indonesian areas. Pontang Subdistrict is one of the worst-hit areas.

Water Truck 2.0 Distributed Clean Water in Pontang Subdistrict of Banten' photo
Villagers crossing on bamboo bridge above a waste-filled irrigation canal, Saturday (11/2).

ACTNews, SERANG - The heat was quite scorching when the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team visited Pontang Subdistrict, Serang Regency, Saturday (2/11). As far as the eye can see, there was only parched agricultural lands. The Irrigation canal on the side of the main road was only filled with plastic waste. Pontang Subdistrict is one of the areas worst affected by the drought in Serang Regency.

Irrigation canals filled with plastic waste in Domas Village, Pontang Subdistrict, Serang, Saturday (2/11). Since the drought began five months ago, this irrigation has been running out of water supply. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

Located adjacent to the Java Sea, there is no clean water sources in Pontang Subdistrict, especially in the villages of Domas and Wanayasa. The water is brackish. So far, the residents have relied on water from the regional water drinking company, or using murky water from the irrigation canal.

Yahya, a resident of Domas Village, said that there’s no fresh water source in the village, and the water from the drinking water company does not flow regularly. "There is an irrigation canal from which the residents take water sometimes. But during the dry season, it has dried up and the local residents try to use infiltrated water from the irrigation canal that is actually unfit for use," he said, Saturday (2/11).