Welcoming Integrated Waqf Area in Tasikmalaya

On Sunday (8/8/2021), several communities including ICMI, KAHMI, MUI, and PUI West Java stopped at the Cintabodas Integrated Waqf Area, Tasikmalaya. During this visit, a warm welcome came from all parties, hoping that Integrated Waqf Area can be built in other regions to support the people’s economy with waqf fund management.

Integrated Waqf Area.
Many groups of people visit the Cintabodas Integrated Waqf Area, Tasikmalaya (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – The benefits of the Integrated Waqf Area in Cintabodas Village, Culamega, Tasikmalaya Regency which consists of Waqf-based Livestock Barn (LTW), Waqf Rice Barn, and Waqf School are very much felt by local residents. This area is one of the examples, where productive waqf managed by Global Wakaf is able to provide many benefits for the people which then invites many parties to find out the process of implementing and managing productive waqf in that place.

On Sunday (8/8/2021), Cintabodas Integrated Waqf Area was visited by ICMI, KAHMI, MUI, and PUI West Java consisting of leaders, committees, and members. This visit was aimed to see the concept and benefits of the Productive Waqf Area in Cintabodas Village which is also one of the productive waqf programs by Global Wakaf.

“We walk around to see the Integrated Waqf Area including Waqf-based Livestock Barn and a waqf-based school called Pesantren Peradaban (The Civilization Islamic Boarding School),” explained Renno Machmoedin, the Regional Manager of Global Wakaf-ACT West Java.

There are thousands of Livestock in the LTW. The livestock also supports various food programs of Global Wakaf-ACT such as the Productive Livestock Waqf for Islamic boarding schools which is expected to be able to empower the economy of the boarding schools for education purposes.

“Hopefully, the management of productive waqf can be implemented in various regions and become an economic solution for many people," added Renno.

The visit to the Integrated Waqf Area was also welcomed by the Chairman of ICMI West Java, Prof. Mohammad Najib. He hopes that in the future more people will support the waqf program including the Integrated Waqf Area in Tasikmalaya.

Masha Allah, in the Integrated Waqf Area, we can see the benefits of waqf. Hopefully, this good program can be implemented in many regions especially West Java, hence more people can enjoy the benefits of waqf management,” said Prof. Mohammad Najib.[]