Welcoming Ramadan, Jufri Enthusiastically Increases His Sales

In order to serve halal food for his family, Jufri is willing to take up several halal jobs such as construction worker, factory worker even selling juice. During Ramadan, he wants to increase his sales.

Jufri while selling his sugarcane juice, Saturday (3/13/2021). Selling sugarcane juice is Jufri’s effort to provide halal meals for his family.

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE — Give your family halal foods and drinks, so that they will be free from hell. That is Jufri’s (49) principle in making a living for his family.

“The food that my wife and children eat is bought with money from my hard work, and I have to ensure the money that I use to buy the food is halal,” said father with three children, Saturday (3/13/2021)

In order to meet his family's needs, Jufri has done many jobs ranging from as a construction worker, factory worker, and now selling sugar cane juice. Currently, he is struggling to sell sugarcane juice. According to Jufri, the Lhokseumawe people currently love to drink sugarcane juice.

Jufri sold his products in Mon Gedong Village street, Benda Sakti District, Lhokseumawe. Jufri relies on the weather in order to sell sugarcane juice. ”The sugarcane juice sells really well when the weather is hot, vice versa if it is rainy or cloudy, the juice does not sell well,” he said..

The sugarcane juice costs three thousand rupiahs per serving. Lately, many customers have complained about the packaging. Jufri once had an idea to buy a packaging press machine so that the customers could drink comfortably without worry about their drink would spill over.

“Sometimes there were complaints about spilled drinks, which makes me think to buy the packaging press machine. Unfortunately, I have no money to buy,” said Jufri.

Before Covid-19 pandemic, Jufri could earn 300-500 thousand rupiahs per day. However, because of the implementation of social distancing his income has dropped drastically. He could earn only less than 150 thousand rupiahs.

Jufri wanted to increase sales in Ramadan. He really hoped the financial aid from Global Wakaf-ACT can increase his income and boost his family’s economy.[]