Welcoming Ramadan with Collaboration of Kindness

Welcoming Ramadan with Collaboration of Kindness

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Collaboration of generosity leads to joy and happiness, as shown on the front yard of Al-Firdaus Islamic Integrated Islamic School (SDIT Al-Firdaus) in Banjarmasin, on Thursday (5/2) morning. Hundreds of beneficiaries filled the yard with their faces glistening with smiles as they carried blue-colored packages. “Alhamdulillah, we received free packages. We have rice, oil, sugar, soy sauce, milk, syrup, and biscuits,” said Sarinah, a resident of Sungai Gempa Urban Village in North Banjarmasin who was among the beneficiaries.

The 52-year-old widow was very grateful for the food packages distributed by SDIT Al-Firdaus who collaborated with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Kalimantan. “We are happy to receive these packages. We can use them to prepare for Ramadan. Thank you to all of the benefactors,” said Sarinah emotionally.

The 475 food packages were distributed to the needy residents of Sungai Gempa and its surrounding areas. ACT South Kalimantan Branch Manager Zainal Arifin said that this activity was a part of the “Marhaban Yaa Muhsineen” program by ACT South Kalimantan. “With the collaboration with SDIT Al-Firdaus, who is one of our partners in our humanitarian programs, hopefully, more beneficiaries can be reached this year,” said Arifin.  

The happiness was also felt by the students and teachers of SDIT Al-Firdaus. They distributed the packages to the beneficiaries together. Their faces were shining with happiness throughout the activity that began at 11 a.m.

“This program is a form of our commitment to build the philanthropic character of the students by sharing with the needy residents directly to strengthen the bond between the school and the surrounding communities. It is befitting that the existence of this school must bring benefits to the people around it, especially because the residents of Sungai Gempa mostly live in economically underprivileged condition,” explained Alamsyah, Principal of SDIT Al-Firdaus.

This social activity in which the volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Banjarmasin took part went well. Around 300 Ramadan food packages were distributed on the front yard of SDIT Al-Firdaus. Around 175 other packages were distributed in RT 14 neighborhood of Sungai Gempa Village.  

As explained by Muhammad Budi Rahman Wahid as the Program Coordinator of ACT South Kalimantan, previously, ACT and SDIT Al-Firdaus has held a charity sale to raise funds. “We held a charity sale in April and the proceeds were used to buy the food packages. The funds also came from the parents and other donors,” added Wahid.

Apart from distributing Ramadan food aid, ACT South Sulawesi also gave cleaning kits for mosques. “We have delivered floor cleaners, as mandated by our donors. In welcoming Ramadan, we have handed out 48 bottles of room cleaner to three mosques in Banjarmasin,” concluded Wahid. []