West Kalimantan Teachers' Unlimited Dedication at a Limited School

Due to their small salaries, honorary teachers in the rural areas of West Kalimantan often get into debts and are often unable to pay for medical expenses. The condition of their schools is also saddening. Nevertheless, the teachers' spirit to educate the local children never dampens.

Nawardi teaches his students. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KUBU RAYA – Being a teacher in a rural area is not easy. In addition to financial uncertainty, the teachers also have to deal with limitations. Zubairi and Nawardi are among them. These honorary teachers at one of the junior high schools in Beringin Hamlet, Puguk Village, Sungai Ambawang District, Kubu Raya Regency live in poverty. The schools in which they teach are also in a poor condition. Located in a rural area, it takes hours to get there from the center of the city.

As a teacher who has served for nine years, Zubairi only receives a salary of IDR 300 thousand per month. He uses the money to meet the daily needs of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes the money is not enough to cover all of his monthly expenses. Sometimes he has to go into debt so his family could eat

"The salary I receive per month is IDR 300,000. Alhamdulillah, even with such amount of salary, I can still meet the needs of my family although I owe a few times at a neighbor's shop," said Zubairi, Tuesday (6/22/2021).

Another teacher, Nawardi, suffers from neurological disorders. When the illness recurs, especially at school, it frightens the students. Symptoms shown are seizures and difficulty moving. He has tried many treatments in Kubu Raya but has not yet found a cure because he has to undergo surgery in Jakarta.

"I've been sick for a long time. It frightens the students when the disease relapses. I have tried many treatments here, but they said I have to undergo surgery in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I don’t have money," said Nawardi.

The school's condition where Nawardi and Zuairi teach. (ACTNews)

The road to Puguk Village is only a dirt road, making it difficult to get there. During the rainy season, the road becomes very slippery. At night, the road is dark because it is located amid a dense forest with no proper lighting.

The school walls are made of weathered gypsum, and the wooden floors have started to deteriorate. The zinc sheets that serve as the roof can't protect the students inside during hot days. They use chalkboards as their teaching medium. []