What Should We Do When Floods Hit?

We need to make some efforts when floods hit so as not to cause significant casualties and losses.

Emergency measures
Six things you can do to save yourself from flooding (Doc. DMII-ACT)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Floods are the most frequent natural disasters in Indonesia. Floods can be predicted by paying attention to rainfall and water flow. However, sometimes floods can hit unexpectedly due to hurricanes or levee leaks, which are commonly known as flash floods.

Floods are not a deadly disaster, but it is undeniable that floods often cause casualties. Not only that, flooding causes damage to infrastructure and also disrupts the local economy.

It is necessary to make some efforts when floods hit, so it does not cause significant losses and casualties. Staff Training, Education and Development Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII), Erry Septiadi, explains that there are six things you can do to save yourself from flooding.

1. Do not panic

“First step when flood hit is not to panic. Stay calm and control yourself," said Erry, Wednesday (9/29/2021).

He continues, floods often come unexpectedly. Even so, the public is advised not to panic and immediately save themselves and their families to a safer place.

2. Emergency Bag

The second step is to take a prepared Emergency Bag for the needs of the next few days. Erry said it is crucial to have an Emergency Bag that contains equipment that can help survive after a disaster. The Emergency Bag can be filled with scissors, a whistle, a rope saw, and a lighter.

3. Stay Alert

 When a flood hit, do not walk across or swim in fast-flowing water. The speed of this water is unpredictable, so it is dangerous if someone crosses it. Maybe life could be at stake.

“Never try to walk across or swim in fast-flowing water. We don't know what will happen. It could be that the water flows faster or even the water currents carry wood materials," explained Erry.

A further thing that needs to be considered is to leave a location that has been inundated with water because the height and speed of the water can rise quickly. Then if you are in a vehicle, get out of the car or motorbike immediately because water can wash away your vehicle.

"You need to know that vehicles are not a safe place for you to take refuge from disasters, especially floods. The water and materials carried can wash away and hit your vehicle," he concluded.[]