When Humanity Food Truck Served Iftar during Ramadan 2020 in Palestine

Even Though it was limited, in last 2020 Aksi Cepat Tanggap continued prepare iftar for underprivileged residents and Palestinian orphans in Gaza. One of them was through the nutritious Humanity Food Truck.

Children queued up to get ready-to-eat iftar from ACT's Food Truck. Ramadan 2020 is carried out in conjunction with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. (ACTNews).

ACTNews, GAZA — Despite the restrictions aiming to curb the spread of Covid-19,  in 2020, Aksi Cepat Tanggap continued to prepare iftar for Palestinian underprivileged residents and orphans in Gaza, including through the Humanity Food Truck. Right before the time for Maghrib prayer, Palestinian residents queue neatly in front of the Humanity Food Truck window. Not wanting to be left behind, the children were also standing in line, waiting patiently to receive meal packages.

As many as 1,850 people enjoyed the iftar meal for two days in mid-May 2020. Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response-ACT, while remembering the humanitarian actions in Ramadan 1441 AH, explained, in addition to the resident queuing near the Humanity Food Truck,  iftar meals were also delivered directly to the recipients' house.

“At that time, there were three locations where iftar meals from Humanity Food Truck were distributed, namely western Gaza, Northern Gaza, and Khan Younis,” explained Said, on Monday (3/15/2021). The Humanity Food Truck in Palestine served up to two thousand servings of food in one go. Humanity Food Truck meals were also distributed for free throughout governorates in the Gaza strip.

This year will be the second year Muslims face Ramadan in the middle of the pandemic. However,  ACT continues to echo hopes. Through thousands of actions, ACT invites Indonesian people to spread generosity without limits to help the Palestinians in Ramadan 1442 AH which will arrive in a month.[]