Wildan’s Source of Income Wiped Out by Semeru’s Hot Clouds

Wildan’s agricultural land has been affected by Mount Semeru eruption as well as his side job as a sand digger.

Mount Semeru Eruption.
Illustration. A number of agricultural lands are scorched by the Mount Semeru eruption that causes people to lose their source of income. (ACTNews/Syaiqul Ghozali)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG – Wildan still often stared emptily even in a crowd. Now he has heavy burdens to bear. Wildan is a resident of Sumberwuluh Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency who just survived the raging eruption of Mount Semeru. "Alhamdulillah, my family and I are safe, sir," said Wildan quietly when Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team visited him on Wednesday (12/8/2021).

Although Wildan is grateful that he and his family have survived, he is now struggling as his agricultural land which is his source of income has been destroyed by the hot clouds. “Now I don’t what should I do to make a living. My field has been destroyed by the Semeru volcanic ashes while I still can’t dig the sand,” he said with teary eyes.

A quarter-hectare field of Wildan is now shattered by the eruption. (ACTNews)

Before the Mount Semeru eruption, Wildan owned agricultural land that was irrigated from the Mountain spring. Wildan used to get IDR 700 thousand of income per month from his land.

The man then divided his harvest with his parents-in-law, then split again to return the capital and its interest to the middleman. Therefore, Wildan also had a side job as a sand digger.

“I got additional income from digging the sand. It was IDR 30 thousand per day although the job didn’t come regularly every day,” said Wildan. Currently, Wildan still has a lot on his shoulder including supporting his children school who are in elementary and primary school.

Around the slope of Mount Semeru, there are many farmers with a similar fate as Wildan. He hopes for the disaster to pass quickly and the situation to be recovered as soon as possible. “The field was my only hope sir, my only source of income so that my children can continue to go to school. I am confused now. How can I pay my children’s tuition? I hope I can quickly manage my field again and no longer suffer from this disaster.[]