Winter Aid from Indonesian Benefactors Reaches Balkan Countries

The freezing winter poses a great difficulty for poor Muslim families in the Balkans, including in the northern Macedonia, especially when their food supplies start to deplete.

Macedonian Muslim family who received new blanket. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MACEDONIA – It was -2 Celsius in Strumica, one of the cities in Northern Macedonia, Thursday (1/2), in early morning. The chilly air of winter shrouded the Balkan countries located on the Eastern side of Europe.

Some of the families in the region live on the mountains inside tents and semi-permanent buildings. For them, the winter cold is even more difficult to bear. "Their poverty force some of them to live in semi-permanent houses that look more like tents," explained Said Mukaffiy of the Global Humanity Response (GHR) team - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Thursday (1/2).

Demir, an ACT partner in Northern Macedonia reported that the condition of the people living in these semi-permanent houses was quite difficult. "We are reporting to you from Northern Macedonia. The local residents here sent their best regards to Indonesian people who have provided assistance to them. They are orphan families that live in cold temperature. In this freezing winter, they are fighting alone to survive. Insha Allah, hopefully, there will be another new collaborative project with you all to help them build rooms or houses. And from our deepest heart, we thank you very much. Let’s take a look at their condition. With only inadequate footwear and clothing, they have to fight for their life, "explained Demir.

Food packages and blankets from Indonesian benefactors reached these families. A total of 100 families, or 300 people in Northern Macedonia received the assistance from Wednesday (12/25) to Friday (12/27). "We provide assistance directly to families in Strumica, Peperevo, Vasilevo, Baldirina, Ernekuk, Bansko, Macedonia. They are orphans who live below the poverty line and really need help, " concluded Said. []