Winter Aid Ready to Warm Gazans in Palestine

ACT Palestine team has prepared winter aid, such as blankets and clothes.

winter aid
ACT Palestine team prepares winter aid for the Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – This December, the cold wind felt piercing in Gaza, Palestine. Mid-December to March, many countries in the Middle East, including Palestine, have entered winter.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explains one of Israel's odd policies has made Palestinians suffer even more in winter. "Every day, Israel often limits the availability of electricity from ten hours per day till four hours per day. It makes it difficult for Gazans to warm themselves in extreme weather because there is no electricity. The lack of electricity also prevents them from meeting their food and other needs," said Mukaffiy, Sunday (12/5/2021).

ACT Palestine has prepared assistance through the Winter Aid program to ease the burden on the Palestinians in winter. At the first stage of aid, the ACT Palestine team will distribute blankets and warm clothes to hundreds of Gazans. 

ACT Palestine will carry out the distribution of aid from North Gaza to South Gaza. The poor, orphans, and refugees, who do not have a proper place to live, will receive this aid. Mukaffiy adds winter aid will include warm food.[]