Within Two Days, Food Truck Distributes Thousands of Meal Packages to Gazans

Humanity Food Truck has been operating around Gaza. From Beit Hanoun in North Gaza, Khan Younis, to Gaza City, more than two thousand meal packages were distributed from the truck equipped with a modern kitchen.

Palestine food truck.
ACT Palestine Team distributes meal packages from Humanity Food Truck to the Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – One day after the 76th Independence Day of Indonesia, ACT’s Humanity Food Truck continued its operation. From Wednesday (8/18/2021) until Thursday (8/19/2021), the truck that is equipped with a modern kitchen went around Gaza City distributing thousands of servings of ready-to-eat food.

Humanity Food Truck toured three areas in Gaza including Beit Hanoun in Northern Gaza, Khan Yunis, and Gaza City. The meals that were made by international standard chefs were distributed directly by ACT volunteers to the residents’ houses.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explained that a total of 1,000 portions of meals were distributed in Khan Younis, 700 portions in Beit Hanoun, and 460 portions in Gaza City. “The meals that were distributed were fresh and nutritious and are required to maintain the health of the Gazans,” he said, Friday (8/20/2021).

Furthermore, Mukaffiy said that the beneficiaries were underprivileged families affected by the Israeli blockade in Gaza. Many of them have lost their jobs since the Israeli occupation began, while those who have jobs have a very small income to support their family.

“Thank you ACT and Indonesian people for this assistance. We gladly receive these meal packages. May Allah reward you all with health and blessings,” said a Gazan resident.

Currently, two additional Humanity Food Trucks are being prepared to support the Gazans’ food needs. Later, these two vehicle units will accompany another Humanity Food Truck which has carried out humanitarian missions in Palestine. With the additional units, the number of meal packages that will be served to the Palestinians will also increase.[]