Wong Solo Foundation and ACT Send Humanity Mobile Food Services to Malang

Humanity Mobile Food Services from Wong Solo Foundation and ACT departed from Solo on Sunday (11/7/2021) night to Malang, East Java. There, the truck is ready to serve the best food for disaster survivors.

Humanity Mobile Food Service
Humanity Mobile Food Service. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOLO – Flash floods hit Batu and Malang, East Java, leaving grief for disaster survivors. Several people were declared dead in this disaster, while hundreds of others were displaced. Currently, the survivors urgently need humanitarian assistance to restore their lives after the disaster amid the Covid-19.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap and the Wong Solo Foundation sent Humanity Mobile Food Services to the disaster area based on these conditions. This truck can serve a thousand servings of MakanKu products in one cooking which ACT will be distributed to disaster survivors and impoverished residents in Malang and Batu.

Humanity Mobile Food Services departed from the food industry center in Cemani, Sukoharjo, on Sunday (7/11/2021) night. In Malang and Batu, trucks will visit many areas to serve ready-to-eat food for residents.

Muhammad Ibnu Bakar, President of the Wong Solo Foundation, conveyed his condolences for the disasters that hit Malang and Batu. Moreover, the major disaster occurred amid the pandemic.

"I am sorry for the flash flood that hit our brothers and sisters in Malang and Batu, East Java. May they go through this test with great patience, and this flash flood will increase our trust in Allah. This disaster is also our collective obligation to help and relieve our brothers and sisters there," he said.

Humanity Mobile Food Services departs for Malang and Solo. (ACTNews)

Flash floods hit Batu and Malang after rains flushed the south of East Java area, Thursday (4/11/2021). The flood caused the settlements, especially those located in the river, to be damaged and even washed away by the swift current of water carrying various materials. Based on the report, several people were missing and found dead, while other residents fled to safer places.

Muhammad Irfan, Branch Manager of ACT Solo, said that assistance for Batu and Malang residents came from Indonesia, including ACT Solo and Wong Solo Foundation, who dispatched Humanity Mobile Food Services.

"We provide the best dishes for our brothers and sisters affected by the disaster in Batu and Malang," explained Irfan.

Apart from Humanity Mobile Food Services, ACT also brought other humanitarian vehicles, such as Humanity Food Bus, Humanity Water Tank to provide clean water needs for residents, and ambulances to provide free medical services.[]