Worshippers in Al-Muhajirin Mosque Benefit from Waqf Well for Three Years

Worshippers in Al-Muhajirin Mosque Benefit from Waqf Well for Three Years

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – It was almost 3 p.m. on Monday (2/4) when Global Wakaf team went to Al-Muhajirin Mosque in Cihonje Village, Tasikmalaya. Upon their arrival, the team saw a number of Islamic students in the mosque taking their wudu in a facility near the restroom. The clear water flowing from the taps was a luxury for them three years ago.

The water with which the students made their wudu came from the Waqf Well, one of Global Wakaf’s empowerment program. The water-well constructed in mid-2016 still gushes out clean water to this day.

“Recently, the Global Wakaf team was checking the Waqf Well located near Al-Muhajirin Mosque for broken parts. Alhamdulillah, the well is still in good condition and the cleanliness is well-kept,” said Asep Rosidin of Global Wakaf team.

Rosidin said that the local villagers and the students maintain the waqf well and the restrooms together. “The locals and the students are very happy for the waqf well. With the availability of clean water, the students can study more comfortably and the locals can draw the clean water for wudu, drinking or washing,” he added.

A few years ago, this mosque had no water source nor facilities for the worshippers to make wudu. The students and the locals used to take water from a nearby fish pond. Jaelani Enjang (51), the religious teacher who taught the students in the mosque said that the water from the pond was murky, but they had no choice because they had no proper wudu facility.

“The students and the locals used the only available water, the water from the pond. It might be murky and unhygienic, but it was the only water source we had,” said Jaelani to Global Wakaf team.

Jaelani expressed his thankfulness when Global Wakaf team began the construction of the waqf well near the mosque in which he teaches. For almost three years, the Cihonje residents have benefitted from the waqf well. The availability of clean water has made it easier for the villagers to attend the mosque more regularly to worship.

Hundreds of villagers who mostly work as farm laborers are also very grateful for the waqf well. “Alhamdulillah, Global Wakaf team and the waqf donors are happy to see the students and the locals no longer affected by water crisis. Insha Allah, it will bring perpetual rewards, especially for the waqf donors,” concluded Rosidin. []



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