Wounded Victims in Gaza Slowly Recovering

Wounded Victims in Gaza Slowly Recovering

ACTNews, GAZA – Yawm An-Nakba, or “The Day of Catastrophe” is a moment that is never forgotten by the people of Palestine. On the commemoration of the day, May 14, 2018, Mahmud Ibrahim Al-Gharably was shot on his leg, damaging his kneecap.

“Thanks to the medical treatment, wheelchair aid, and physiotherapy supported by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Al-Gharably is now able to walk again,” said Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) ACT in late March.

“My bone was broken, and the nerves on my leg were wounded. ACT helped us, and we received wheelchair aid,” said Al-Gharably.

Another victim of the shooting by Israeli military was Muhammad Kamal Juha. The father of six children was shot on his legs when attending the Great March of Return protest. He had to undergo series of treatments including internal fixation surgery and physiotherapy. All of these medical treatments were supported by ACT.  “I was wounded during a Great March of Return Protest. Both of my legs were injured. Thank you ACT for the wheelchair and crutches,” he said.

Currently, Juha is able to walk despite still using crutches. “Juha is still undergoing therapy for him to be able to walk normally again,” said Faradiba.

Palestinian Health Ministry reported that Yawm An-Nakba Commemoration and the Great March of Return are the moments where many casualties occurred. OCHA-OPt stated that since the Israel-Palestine conflict in 2015, at least 18 Palestinians are wounded or succumbed to wounds daily in Gaza Strip. There have been no reports of casualties on Israel’s side.

The injuries sustained by the Palestinians who take part in the weekly protests were reportedly caused by the excessive force by Israeli military towards Palestinian civilians. The peaceful protest is often met with live ammunition and tear gas launche by Israeli forces. []



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