Ya'sep Forced into Debt to Make a Living

As an honorary teacher during the pandemic, Ya'sep can only earn a salary of IDR 500 thousand per month. The money is not enough to cover all his needs, so he is forced into debt to make a living

Ya'sep Ali Sa'bana
Ya'sep Ali Sa'bana receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIAMIS – It is very difficult for honorary teachers with mediocre salaries to manage their finances. During the Covid-19 pandemic, financial conditions have worsened due to offline schools being restricted and salaries being deducted. Some of the allocations of costs must be reduced to be able to afford meals.

Ya’sep Ali Sa’bana (38) is an honorary teacher at a private Islamic High School in Nasol Village, Cikoneng District, Ciamis Regency. He has to be forced into debt to pay for motorcycle installment. The salary obtained is not enough to pay installments IDR 500 thousand per month.

“The salary from the school is not enough to pay installments (motorcycle). The money is barely enough to meet food needs. I need to manage my money well so that it is enough for a month,” said Ya’sep, Thursday (6/17/2021).

Ya'sep explained that the salary he currently receives is less than before the pandemic. Before the pandemic, his income didn't even fully cover the family's needs. Sometimes, the money runs out before getting the next paycheck so he has to go into debt to eat.

“I need a motorbike for my teaching mobility. If I use public transportation, It will cost more. Hence, I try to pay the installments on time, even though I have to get into debt. I have no other choice,” said Ya’sep.

Ya’sep does not have a side job, so he relies on his salary as an honorary teacher. His wife is a housewife. She wants to open a small stall to support the family’s economy, but they don’t have money for the capital.

"Hopefully, the Covid-19 pandemic will be over soon. The student can learn at school again, and the salary of honorary teachers is no longer have to be reduced,” said Ya’sep after receiving financial assistance for teachers from Global Zakat-ACT, Thursday (6/17/2021).[]