Yadi Continues Giving Despite Decreasing Sales

"Though I myself am in need, I can still work. But what about those who are out of work?" said Yadi, a batagor peddler in Tangerang City, Banten.

Yadi batagor
Yadi Suprdiadi (46) is a batagor seller in Tangerang who invites others to donate through his donation box. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, TANGERANG CITY – Despite his own poverty, Yadi Supriadi (46) never stops giving. Every day, he regularly donates to charity through the Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s donation box that he carries with him every day.

For Yadi, the box is a reminder of how he once lived a life of deprivation. He admitted that when he was little his parents did not have enough money for food. In fact, he didn't even finish high school due to financial hardship.

"Though my income is not much, I want to save to help those who are having less than me. I do it sincerely from my own heart. It does not matter to whom the money will be given," he said to ACTNews, Thursday (8/12/2021).