Yasdi Muamalah Donates Waqf Ambulance for Greater Malang Residents

An ambulance from Yasdi Muamalah has been equipped with medical equipment and is ready to provide first aid for the locals.

Yasdi Muamalah.
Secretary of Yasdi Muamalah, Gholib hands over the ambulance assistance for Malang Residents to Head of Marketing of ACT Malang, Soemintoro. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MALANG – As a foundation that runs in the social sector, Yasdi Muamalah continues to provide medical assistance to Malang residents. The strong synergy of the partnership with Yasdi Muamalah is manifested in the waqf of ambulance fleet assistance. The ambulance assistance was handed over directly by Yasdi Muamalah team to ACT Malang at the Branch Office of ACT Malang, Jalan Ciliwung, Purwantoro Village, Blimbing District, Wednesday (11/24).

"We donate this ambulance unit to ACT Malang so that the benefits from the donations from the muhsinin (benefactors) will channel the rewards of jariya, especially in the medical sector," said Ghalib, Secretary of Yasdi Muamalah.

Yasdi Muamalah and MRI teams monitor the medical equipment in the Waqf Ambulance. (ACTNews)

Yasdi Muamalah entrusted the assistance to ACT as ACT has great experiences in the humanitarian sector. In addition, this ambulance is also expected to be used for wider mobility of the residents. 

Not only for patient transportation but this ambulance from Yasdi Muamalah has also been equipped with medical equipment that is ready to perform first aid. "This ambulance will be the first vehicle resulting from the ongoing partnership in the form of medical services for patients in Greater Malang especially their mobility," said Soemintoro, Head of Marketing for ACT Malang.

Soemintoro appreciated Yasdi Muamalah effort in supporting many humanitarian programs. “We hope this collaboration will last longer and continue to implement various humanitarian actions. Insha Allah, this ambulance will be a vehicle with many benefits. Therefore, let’s support each act of kindness by giving our alms, waqf, and zakat through Aksi Cepat Tanggap Malang,” said Ghalib.[]