Yayah’s Struggle to Support Her Family Amid Decreasing Income

Yayah supports her family by selling meatball soup in Tasikmalaya. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly decreases Yayah’s income.

Yayah making meatball soup that she sells in her house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – For four years, Yayah (53) has been selling meatball soup in front of her house to support her family’s needs. Using a small cart is in front of her house in Cibeuti Village, Kawalu District, Tasikmalaya City, she sells meatball soup to sustain her family.

Yayah can earn up to IDR 100,000 daily to support her family. Her husband is an oddjobber, and his income is uncertain.

Now, her family’s sustenance has been significantly deteriorated especially in the last three months since the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of customers at her meatball soup stall has been decreased, and her husband has also lost his job.

"Our daily needs depend on my meatball soup sales. But I'm still very grateful," said Yayah, Wednesday (6/3).

Now, her family has to be very careful in spending their money. Unfortunately, Yayah’s business capital has also been severely affected.

In this difficult time, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) came to support Yayah’s business that becomes the main source of income for her family. Through the Friends of Indonesian Micro Businesses (Sahabat UMI), ACT provided her with business capital assistance.

Muhammad Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya Program Team said that the beneficiaries will not only receive capital assistance but they will also be mentored by the team. This assistance was given so that small-scale businesses run by women can rise in the midst of a pandemic. "The assistance provided is in the form of developing business capacity from spiritual aspects and entrepreneurial management," explained Fauzi. []