Yemeni IDPs Search for Food in Rubbish Dump to Survive

Dozens of Yemeni families live languishingly in Al Tahsin Camp in Amran. Food shortages make them look for leftovers in the trash.

Yemeni IDPs
Yemeni IDPs live in Al Tahsin Camp. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AMRAN – Internal Displaced People in Amran's Al Tahsin Camp must rummage through the trash for leftover food. They are unable to obtain adequate nutrition. Yemen's food prices have skyrocketed, making it impossible to buy. A basket of food and drinks can cost as much as 9,133 Yemeni Rials, or approximately IDR 525 thousand.

According to Firdaus Guritno of the GHR-ACT team, Al Tahsin is home to 470 people. The vast majority of the IDPs are unemployed. They survive by living in filthy tents and relying heavily on humanitarian aid.

The habit of consuming used food has a direct impact on the refugees' health. They are frequently afflicted with bacterial diseases. "Children are suffering from diarrhea, malnutrition, and cholera. We cannot ignore this," Firdaus said.

Lack of health-care services and cold winter exacerbated the crisis. The amount of food available is significantly reduced compared to previous seasons. It is expected that cases of food insecurity will rise among refugees.

Firdaus explained that the situation was deteriorating because the United Nations (UN) drastically reduced the budget for food aid to Yemen. It has an impact on 13 million Yemeni refugees.

At the very least, 8 million refugees will see a significant reduction in food rations in January 2022. Food insecurity is expected to skyrocket. []