Yeti Overcomes Pandemic through Traditional Cake Business

Pandemic brought Yeti Suryati (45) to find her new source of income. The woman who also works as a tutoring teacher is persistently developing her traditional cake business.

Waqf for MSMEs
With experience as a reseller and recipes from her relative, Yeti is able to produce her own traditional cakes. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Yeti Suryati (45) has to rack her brain after being hit by the pandemic. Her daily activities are being restricted while at the same time she and her husband still have to support their family. Furthermore, Yeti’s husband was just being laid off from his job.

With her experience as a reseller and recipes from her relative, Yeti who is also a tutor decided to start a business. “Now, I sell traditional cakes. In the beginning, I only sell them online. Now, with permission from the local head of RT, I also sell the cakes offline in front of my relative's rented house,” said Yeti, who was met at her cake stall in North Petukangan, Pesanggrahan District, South Jakarta, Thursday (9/2/2021).

Despite facing ups and downs while running her business, overall, Yeti’s traditional cakes are welcomed by her new customers. “Once, I didn’t have capital yet I still received several orders from my customers,” said Yeti.

Supporting Yeti’s new business, Global Wakaf-ACT then delivered assistance through Waqf for MSMEs program. Through the program, aside from business capital, Yeti also received business accompaniment to empower her business during the pandemic.

Yeti was grateful for the assistance she received. “I will use this business capital assistance to buy raw materials for my cake production so that I can produce more cakes and quickly fulfill my customers’ orders,” said Yeti.[]