Yuli’s Business Decimated by Flash Flood

Yuli's house was badly damaged by the flash flood in Malang. The flood also washed away her shop along with pieces of equipment that she uses for her business.

Yuli’s glass cabinet was washed away by the flash flood. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MALANG CITY – The rumbling sound that came from the river followed by the chattering of the people talking about the flash flood made Yuli immediately run away to safety. She first made sure that her children were able to evacuate their father who suffers from stroke.

"So I didn't think much about my house. I ran and went up to Senaputra evacuation site," said Yuli who lives in Rampal Celaket Village, Klojen District, Malang City.

Yuli felt deeply saddened when she saw her neighborhood ravaged by the flash flood. Her house which also functions as a grocery store was heavily damaged. Pieces of equipment that she uses for her business as well as the goods she sells were washed away.

Yuli’s house was damaged and several pieces of her furniture were washed away by the flash flood on Thursday (11/4/2021). (ACTNews)

“The windows of my house were shattered, and all of my belongings were swept by the flood including my glass cabinet, fridge, stove, and gas cylinders. My goods were also gone,” said Yuli.

As the head of her Neighborhood Association (RT), she becomes even more saddened every time she remembers that 74 other residents in her RT also suffer from the same calamity.

“When I first arrived at this evacuation site, I lost my appetite for two days. I was thinking about my children, my sick husband, and my neighbors. But I tried to smile, thinking that Allah is the Most Bountiful, and he has other plans for me,” said Yuli optimistically.

Yuli's Desire to Rebuild Her Business

Previously, Yuli was one of the beneficiaries of Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for MSMEs program. She was able to make a turnover of IDR 500,000 a day. Sadly, the flash flood has put her business to a halt.

Though she feels deeply saddened to see her home and business decimated, she admitted that she surrenders her fate to Allah. “Everything belongs to Allah. It’s not really mine so that’s fine. If Allah has decreed, what can we do? I try to be patient and not to show my sadness to my neighbors lest they will get sad,” said Yuli.

She hoped that, in the aftermath of the disaster, she can rebuild her business. “I hope to be able to rebuild my business because I have a family to support. I hope to be able to rise again to provide the best for my people,” said Yuli. []