Yuli Travels Around Plandi Village to Earn Money

Riding an old bicycle, Yuli (58) travels around Plandi Village, Jombang Regency, to sell vegetables. From this effort, Yuli fulfills her daily needs.

Global Wakaf-ACT
Global Wakaf-ACT meets Yuli to buy her merchandise and gives capital. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JOMBANG – Yuli (58) continued to pedal an old bicycle under the hot sun. She brought a basket of merchandise behind her bicycle.  Every day, she peddles her sales in Plandi Village, Jombang District, Jombang Regency, and hopes to meet customers.

“Lately, the buyers are few. Often, sales are not sold out,” complained Yuli when met with Global Wakaf-ACT team, Monday (9/30/2021). This pandemic has made Yuli have to work even harder. Currently, she earns a maximum of IDR 35,000 in one day.

As in that afternoon, the basket was still half full of merchandise even though she had been out of the house since after Fajr prayer. She has been running this business herself for the past ten years. Her husband works as a tire patcher.

That day, Global Wakaf-ACT bought up Yuli’s merchandise through Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program. Global Wakaf-ACT also distributed Yuli’s merchandise to daily workers around the road.

Alhamdulillah, thank you, for buying my merchandise,” said Yuli touched. She smiled broadly when she received additional capital from Global Wakaf-ACT for the smooth running of her business in the future.  Yuli also did not forget to pray for the benefactors who had helped her through Global Wakaf-ACT that day. []