Yuni’s Financial Turbulence During the Pandemic

Starting with only three customers and a capital of IDR 100,000 4 years ago, Yuni’s catering once had around 40 customers. Lately, he has lost many of her customers due to the pandemic, forcing her to go into debts to make ends meet.

Yuni holding one of the dishes she made. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN - Yuni Sri Handayani (40) has been running a catering business for the last 4 years. Beginning with a capital of IDR 100,000, she started the business with her husband who worked as a security guard at a private bank in Banjarmasin. From only three customers, Yuni had 30 to 40 customers.

Most of his customers are office workers. Sadly, because many office buildings have been closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Yuni has lost many of her customers. "Now, there are 18 customers per day at most,” said Yuni. Her sales have decreased by up to 50%.

To make ends meet, Yuni and her husband often have to get into debt. Their financial conditions have been quite turbulent lately. "Once we bought a motorbike on credit, but the payment was quite burdensome for us, to one of our friends took over the payment, but it turned out that he, too, was unable to pay the loans. In the end, they bill us on the motorbike,” said Yuni when Aksi Cepat Tanggap team met her at her home in Pekauman Village, South Banjarmasin.

Yuni wishes to have a stall in which she can sell her dishes. Her in-laws has a place in which she can sell her food. However, she did not have enough capital to build her stall.

Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for Micro Business Capital Program came to fulfill Yuni’s dream. “With this capital assistance, I can buy the assets for the stall. Thank you, Global Wakaf,” she said. If she has a stall, she can expand her business online. “Inshallah, we will also work together with online food delivery apps so that that there will be more customers later," said Yuni.

Retno Sulisetiyani, Global Wakaf – ACT South Kalimantan’s Program Coordinator, hoped that more donors will contribute to the program so that small-business owners can be assisted by the blessings of waqf.

"We invite philanthropists to help business owners who are currently facing financial constraints. Through the Waqf for Business Capital program, we hope to help ease their burdens,” hoped Retno. []