Yusuf Continues Struggling for His Family After Waking Up from Coma

Yusuf, a farmer from Mojokerto, never gives up despite facing calamities. He fell into coma, and his crop was damaged by pests. Nevertheless, he relentlessly works to support his family.

Yusuf (walking on the embankment) in Jiyu Village, Mojokerto. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MOJOKERTO - After finishing high school, Yusuf (52) had to find job, but the available job opportunities for him didn’t really interest him. The only available job options were salesperson, factory worker, or shopkeeper. For the man who was born in 1969, these jobs don’t provide enough money for him, and they also take up his time with his family. Besides, the calling of his soul is to serve the community.

Yusuf was then appointed by his local neighborhood to be a modin (mosque caretaker). He calls the azan five times a day, takes care of the mosque and religious rituals such as weddings and burials. "My job is mostly community service," said Yusuf, Thursday (2/11/2021). He doesn’t receive any payment, but the community allocates 1,000 square meters of village land.

To support his family, Yusuf works as a farmer in his village of Jiyu, Kutorejo District, Mojokerto Regency. He also inherited 2,000 square meters of rice fields from his mother-in-law. The income he earns from farming is enough to support his family.

Yusuf and the cattle were entrusted to him. (ACTNews)

However, according to Yusuf, being a farmer is not always easy. He often has to deal with crop failures. "Among the causes of crop failure are lack of capital and pest attacks," said Yusuf. Without enough capital, his crop can’t be properly cultivated despite the rainy season.

Once, his rice field was attacked by rats just a few weeks before being harvested. As a result, he wasn’t able to repay his debts that he took from his neighbors. This is really a severe problem for small farmers. “They have to incur debts,” he explained.

To make an additional income. Yusuf runs a small shop in front of his in-law’s house. Before the pandemic, his business was running well. Now, his shop has also been hampered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

His financial condition becomes even more difficult as his eldest son started studying in university. On the other hand, he still has to support other family members: his younger child, wife, mother, and mother-in-law. "Now, to make even more money, I tend my neighbors’ cattle," he said.

Falling into coma

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Yusuf fell into a coma for 15 days. He was hospitalized for over a month in Surabaya. The doctor diagnosed him with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease that attacks his peripheral nervous system.

His neighbors even thought that he had passed away. They had even dug a graveyard for him and prepared for his burial.

Upon hearing that Yusuf had regained his consciousness, his neighbors were grateful and happy.

"Yusuf is among the individuals that take care of the society. Naturally, when he was hospitalized and we thought that he was dead, many felt sad. They thought that they lost a figure who has been fulfilling their spiritual needs,” said Arifin, a resident of Pandansari Hamlet.

However, he was billed IDR 200 million for his medical treatment. Thanks to the help of a neighbor, Yusuf was exempted from all charges as he was registered as a poor patient.

Now, Yusuf has recovered and go back to his daily activities as a modin, farmer, and shop owner.

Yusuf in front of the shop which he runs with his wife. (ACTNews)

"All of that, Alhamdulillah, is enough to provide for my family. The proceeds from farming that I earn every three of four months are used to pay for my children’s education, medical expenses, and other secondary needs, "he said.

Global Wakaf - ACT endeavors to provide waqf for business capital to farmers in Jiyu Village, including Yusuf. []