Yusup's Dedication and Appreciation in Education

As an honorary teacher, Hadi Yusup has to travel 30.2 kilometers to teach.

Yusup (right) receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUBANG – The distance between Hadi Yusup's house in Sukaluyu Village, Kalijati District, Subang Regency, to the school where he teaches in Pabuaran is about 30.2 kilometers. He commutes by motorbike for 1 hour each trip.

Hadi Yusup is an honorary teacher at an educational foundation and has been working for 13 years. The school pays Yusup IDR 500 thousand per month.

“When I am not teaching, I sell and work odd jobs to increase income. It's not enough if I rely on salary," said Yusup to ACT Subang team during a visit to his house, Tuesday (9/14/2021).

Although his salary is small, Yusup admits that he will continue to carry out his profession. For him, education is not like a business that aims to make a profit. "Education is solely to shape students’ character in the future," he explained.

Sarah Yusra from ACT Subang explains many dedicated teachers, but their salary is still far from decent. Even so, they remained steadfast in their profession. "This should be appreciated," said Sarah after assisting Yusup.[]