Yuyun's Struggle From Difficulty in Capital to Regularly Gives Fajr Alms

Yuyun had time to feel how the pandemic eroded the catering business she had been running for decades. However, Yuyun's perseverance surpassed those obstacles. She can revive her business.

Yuyun’s business grows faster due to the business monitoring from Waqf for the MSME program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG – The Covid-19 pandemic affected the catering business that Yunarni Ivandawati, usually called Yuyun, has been running for the past 20 years. She experienced a drastic decline in turnover at the beginning of the pandemic. Due to her catering’s order being empty, she decided to sell turmeric rice in front of her house in Serang Village, Serang District, Serang City. “Sometimes, my sales do not sell well,” added Yuyun, Friday (19/11/2021).

Selling turmeric rice is the only income of Yuyun. Every morning, she sells turmeric rice with the help of her husband, who no longer works. "One time, I did not have capital when there was a catering order,” explained Yuyun.

Yuyun kept trying and praying until her business started to grow. In mid-May, Waqf for MSME program from Global Wakaf-ACT provided financial and business monitoring assistance to develop her business.

“I used the capital assistance to buy raw materials, banner stands, and other necessities. Coincidentally, at that time, I got a catering order the day before I got assistance. Alhamdulillah, I could fulfill the order and deliver it immediately,” said Yuyun.

Yuyun managed her capital well. Now, she has five employees in several places of business, ranging from food businesses to barbershops. Yuyun also does not forget to share the blessings she got with others. Every dawn, she gives alms to two scavengers she meets around the house. “Thank you for the assistance from Waqf for the MSMEs program initiated by Global Wakaf-ACT. Hopefully, the blessings will also come to the other beneficiaries,” hoped Yuyun. []