Zakat from Benefactors Helps Quran Teacher Support Daughter’s Education

Bea Pendidikan Indonesia (BPI) strengthened the struggle of Isna Rohayati, a Quran teacher in Pontianak to help her 11 years old daughter continue her school.

Bea Pendidikan Indonesia.
Syifa (right), the daughter of Isna Rohayati, prepares her school textbooks. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PONTIANAK  – Physical condition that no longer fit forced Isna Rohayati to resign from her job as an employee of a shipping company. Despite had been working for 20 years, her income was not enough to support her daily needs and the education of her daughter, Syifa Mutmainnah (11).

As a contract worker, Isna's salary was not much. For Isna, it was better than being unemployed. Most of her income was used for her eyes checks and treatments.

“The high intensity of work resulted in my eyes often being exposed to radiation. Since then, I couldn't see clearly and ended up stop working. After regular treatment, Alhamdulillah, it’s better now although it can relapse sometimes," said Isna, Wednesday (10/13/2021).

To meet her daily needs and support her daughter’s tuition, Isna now works as a household maid. She also teaches the Quran to children around her neighborhood in Dalam Bugis Village, East Pontianak District, Pontianak City.

“If my eyesight is not in good condition, Syifa will help me to see and read the Quran letters,” she explained.

Isna hopes for her daughter to reach the highest education level so that her daughter’s dream to be a doctor can be realized. “Why does she want to be a doctor? The reason is that she wants to treat her mother and other sick people. As her parent, I can only support her,” said Syifa’s mother, Isna.

Syifa is now fatherless. Three months ago, her father had passed away. Currently, Syifa is in 5 grade of elementary school and only lives with her mother. Global Zakat-ACT delivered Bea Pendidikan Indonesia (BPI) assistance in a form of a scholarship to support Syifa in achieving her dream.[]