Zakat from Generous Friends Arrives in Jordan for Palestinian Refugees

The Global Zakat-ACT team flew to Jordan from Jakarta to distribute the mandate of Zakat donors to assist the Palestinian people in their struggle. They distributed hundreds of food packages to Palestinian refugees taking shelter in Al-Wahda Camp in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Global Zakat
The Global Zakat team provides food packages for Palestinian refugees in Jordan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AMMAN – Jordan is regarded as a stable and peaceful country, particularly when compared to its neighbors Syria and Palestine. However, Jordan's economy and prosperity do not guarantee the lives of the country's millions of Palestinian refugees.

According to the Global Humanitarian Network (GHN) from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Jordan houses approximately 2.2 million Palestinian refugees. They distributed it across ten refugee camps throughout the country, covering an area of 89,342 square kilometers.

According to Firdaus Guritno of the GHN-ACT team, Palestinian refugees live in poverty. Because of their poverty legacy and refugee status, it is hard to obtain many proper life support facilities, such as health and education services.

"Most of the refugees are Palestinians who Zionists forcibly expelled during the 1948 Nakba. The current refugees are the fourth and fifth generations of those who first sought refuge in Jordan," Firdaus said on Thursday (5/26/2022).

Although refugees and Jordanians coexist and frequently share job opportunities, Palestinians are restricted by their refugee status, which prevents them from obtaining formal employment. The refugees can only find informal jobs with low pay. Their meager income makes it difficult for them to meet their basic needs, such as food.

Zakat from Indonesia to Jordan

Global Zakat-ACT established correspondence with the governments of Indonesia and Jordan to convey the benefactors' mandate to the Palestinian refugees in Amman City, Jordan's capital city.

Global Zakat has distributed the benefactors' zakat in the form of food packages. The food aid, weighing tens of kilograms per package, contains a staple food to meet the food needs of refugees for the next month. The action benefited at least 600 refugees in Al-Wahda Camp.

"This package includes cooking oil, sugar, rice, canned meat, nuts, dates, pasta, milk, and other ingredients. Insha Allah, this assistance will alleviate the burden on refugees who have long been hampered by various humanitarian issues," Firdaus, who came directly to Jordan to assist, said.

The Jordanian parliament's representative, Ahmad Ousho Dawyama, praised Indonesia's assistance to Palestinian refugees. Dawyama expressed gratitude to Global Zakat and the Indonesian government for the humanitarian aid. According to him, few parties are concerned about the fate of Palestinian refugees seeking refuge in Jordan.

"Of course, this is a good program for refugees. We hope that it will continue because the refugees desperately need it. Since 1948, Jordan has housed many Palestinian refugees. Only a few humanitarian foundations have helped refugeesin Jordan," Dawyama explained. []