Zakiya Never Loses Hope Despite Plummeting Sales

As a single mother, Zakiya is now struggling alone to raise her two children since her husband passed away 5 years ago. To finance their family, Zakiya opens a grocery shop at her house. Lately, her business hasn't been running smoothly, forcing her to find other ways to make ends meet.

Zakiya Never Loses Hope Despite Plummeting Sales' photo
Zakiya serving her buyers. (ACTNews / Qeis Muhammad)

 ACTNews, JAKARTA - Zakiya has been struggling alone for the past 5 years since her husband passed away.  This woman, who lives in Ciganjur, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, is now supporting her two children who are still at school alone. She opens a small shop to fulfill their needs.

The money she makes from the shop is quite uncertain. "At times, my shop is bustling with buyers, but sometimes it's quiet," Zakiya added. Since the pandemic, there haven't been many customers. In fact, once she earned only IDR 20,000 a day. "My shop hasn't had any customers lately. My income has been severely decreasing," said Zakiya, Friday (9/18). 

 Realizing that her business was not going well, Zakiya tried to find other ways to fulfill her needs. Armed with her cooking ability, she sells fried sausages and other snacks. She also sells drinks. Now, many children have been coming to her shop to buy snacks.

 "At first, it was just a trial. But slowly, Alhamdulillah, it has been running quite well. Most of my buyers are my neighbors. I advertise my snacks to my neighbors and friends through WhatsApp groups. I also often offer my snacks to my children's friends. They will later spread the words about my snacks," she added. 

 The sausage skewer that Zakiyah sells. (ACTNews / Qeis Muhammad)

A month later, an unexpected blessing came to her through As-Syakirin Mosque where her son learns to read the Quran. The mosque has been working with Global Wakaf - ACT through the Waqf for Micro Business program. Zakiya was chosen as one of the beneficiaries. The handover of the Capital Waqf took place on Friday (9/4). .

 "I have only spent half of the capital waqf because it was handed over only yesterday, I bought several items for my snack stall. As for the groceries that I sell, I just recently shopped for the things that I will sell, so I still have enough. The program has been very helpful for those who lack business capital. With this capital assistance, one can diversify the items that she or he sells in her or his shop. The customers, too, will be happier because they have more choices to choose,” said Zakiya.

Muhammad Albar of ACT South Jakarta Program Department invited all philanthropists to continue to support micro-business owners whose sales have been decreasing. "We are inviting philanthropists to help small-business owners who face capital constraints through the Waqf for Micro Business Capital program, especially considering that Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) are back in effect in Jakarta.  Hopefully, we can help ease their burdens," hoped Albar.  []


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