Zein's Efforts in Education: You Can't Do It Half-Hearted

Trying to educate children should not be half-hearted. This is what Zein Aripin really believes and always does. After teaching at school, he returned to teaching children the Quran in his village.

Zein Aripin
Zein Aripin receives financial assistance for teachers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUBANG – "To educate the nation's children, you should not be half-hearted." That is Zein Aripin's motivation in carrying out his activities as an elementary school honorary teacher in Cinangsi Village, Cibogo District, Subang Regency. Not only that, but Zein also built a Quran Hifz Center at his house.

For Zein, it is his motivation that makes him serve in education. Even though he knows, the salary of an honorary teacher is not much and far from the average regional minimum wage.

“Teaching makes me happy. My goal is that the village children are smart and can advance the lives of the people here. If they can't, at least their life is better," Zein said, Friday (8/27/2021).

“Apart from being good at general science, children must also be smart in Islamic religious knowledge to be balanced. Many people are smart, but they like to cheat. I think it's because of a lack of religious knowledge or knowing religion, but they don't practice it every day," he explained.

His students are not required to pay. Payment is given sincerely and as much as possible. "It is fine if they don’t have money to pay as long as they want to learn how to recite the Quran,” concluded Zein.[]